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plays Swiss hammered dulcimer. The hammered dulcimer is featured in various forms in contrasting kinds of folk music around the globe. There are very few musicians who have succeeded in elevating this instrument from its restricted role. One of them -since 1982- is Roland Schiltknecht. He plays a brand of “between categories” alpine - ethno - music, although
it is very strongly influenced by jazz and rock. The wide-ranging versatility of the hackbrett (swiss hammered dulcimer) is quite astonishing – from meodious and mellow to explosively aggressive. This sound is unique.

"Roland Schiltknecht creates an impressionistic contemporary music making intuitively informed by myth and the purity of folklife yet escapes typing or direct comparison with any similar developments in Europe. Quite a find from rural and unexpectedly urbane back country.” – steve taylor , USA

Roland Schiltknecht played at many festivals: Montreux Jazz Festival, Berlin Jazz Festival,
Zurich int. Jazz Festival, New music of America… he made also tours in Australia, Central Asia and in Europe.

Roland Dahinden
Alphorn, Posaune / alphorn, trombone


Roland Schiltknecht
Hackbrett, Basshackbrett, Stimme / hammered dulcimer, bass hammered dulcimer, calls


Gabriel Schiltknecht
Perkussion / percussion